The Monocle Book of GENTLE LIVING

340,00 kr
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"The Monocle Book of Gentle Living is a handbook to help you think about how to reconnect, make good things happen, to do something you care about and discover nice places and extraordinary people along the way. Since its launch MONOCLE has been a champion of taking things slow, considering your options, unplugging (literally and figuratively) and taking time to enjoy the important things. Across the globe we've clocked a rebalancing taking place in the people we've met. It's finally dawning on leaders, entrepreneurs and architects that our lives and livelihoods could do with a subtle rethink. This is what this book is about: trying a slower pace of life that's kinder to ourselves, those around us and the world. In a shouty, finger-jabbing moment in history, we've done our bit to argue for a new, considerate mindset and to generous with our time, hospitality and forgiveness. Gently does it."

✖︎ Hardcover
✖︎ 19 x 24 cm
✖︎ 288 pages
✖︎ Written in English
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