Ebbets x SC x ATD - Orange Cap

150,00 kr

375,00 kr

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Ebbets Field Flannels for Shoe Chapter & After The Denim.

The purpose for this collaboration has been to create a new standard for the cap as a practical, suitable and wearable garment. The starting point was the ever popular six-panel cap. However they're by no means an ordinary baseball cap. They're made of a sturdy and rugged 10 oz cotton duck, which has mostly been used for work clothes. The colour choice is perfect for the casual wardrobe, albeit incorporating some lesser used colours – rust orange, maroon and a dusty, vintage blue. Under the brim hides a subtle and crisp oxford cotton. In order not to exclude anybody the cap is adjustable with a leather strap and a brass buckle. Lastly they're proudly made in the US.

* 10 oz. cotton duck.
* Six-panel cap.
* Clean, practical and suitable for most occasions.
* Leather strap and brass buckle.
* Made in USA.
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